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Block Party Exspearience:
Music To Your Ears, has been serving the Long Island, NYC, CT, NJ and now Boston for over 10 years. To be a Block Party DJ you need to be able to have many games and activities ready go to go to be able to entertain the whole block. Block party DJs are what we are and famous for. We can interact with adults and kids both at the same time with no problem. This is very important, you want to make your block party fun and exciting and most of all a day you will NEVER forget!



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Call us at: (631) 433-0957 • Serving Long Island, New York City & Connecticut We accept:   

A block party dj, is a job for certain djs only. This is a job for experienced MCs and skilled block party djs. We at mtyedjs, are able to perform at these event, due to our background with interaction and great involvement with crowds. Weather we need to change a song quick to pertain to the crowd or be able to spice things up at your block party; we can do so in seconds.
            Block party djs, need to be equipped with sufficient equipment to cover the amount of space provided, and also need to have quality equipment so the sound is just what you are looking for. Our block party dj setups are all equipped to cover the average block party up to 100 houses, and if needed more we can do so also.

having a block party and planning it can be a stressful job,choosing  the right DJ for your  block party is important,  Music to your ears dj entertainment specializes in block parties. whether its a small block party or large block party we can perform it. whether your block party is on long island or out of state, MTYEDJS performs it.  our staff here at music to your ears dj entertainment is well trained for events like your block party, we have everything from photo booths, dunk tanks, moon bounce, cotton candy machines, contests, karaoke,and much more that you want for your block party. fun for both kids and adults. music selection for your block party is very important and you want it to be entertaining for both young adults and adults,  thats why during the early hours we mix it up with some music for the  younger generation and start spicing it up in the later hours for the adults.  we take your requests throughout the day. fun games for your block party, limbo, parachute, tug o war, hula hoop, pies in the face, musical chairs, bubble blowing, relay races, coke and pepsi, water balloons and much more.
 MTYEDJS is a block party DJ. 

memorial day will be here before you know it. so celebrate with one of long islands top dj company, music to your ears dj entertainment, for your memorial day weekend bash, . we have memorial day packages going on,  our staff at music to your ears is trained and professional for any parties given to them so whether it be memorial day or block parties our team is there to do the job.

having a 4th of july party? need an affordable dj, sure no problem, music to your ears staff is fully capable of handling your 4th of July party. we are proffesional reliable and affordable, celebrate with one of long islands top dj company, music to your ears dj entertainment, for your 4th of July  bash. we have special 4th july packages going on.

corporate BBQ is coming up before you know it and music to your ears staff is well trained to handle your corporate BBQ, whether it be just a DJ, or some fun games, dunk booth, or or moon bounce, we have it all, corporate BBQ's and parties MTYEDJS is a corporate party DJ.celebrate with one of long islands top dj company, music to your ears dj entertainment, for your corporate BBQ party/

Fundaisers, our specialty, music to you ears DJ's love doing fund raisers, we have everything, dj, raffles, games, and much more. we know that fund raisers can be stressful as well as fitting the budget, music to your ears can help you with your fundraiser budget, we are affordable and can work with you so that your fundraiser is what you want it to be, celebrate with one of long islands top dj company, music to your ears dj entertainment, for your fundraiser today.

having a charity event and looking for the right Dj for it. Music to your ears dj entertainment knows exactly what your looking for, MTYEDJS staff is professional and helps you with what your looking for..